The Ostrobothnian strategy for smart specialisation is focused on digitalization and manufacturing industry. The Regional Council of Ostrobothnia aim to strengthen the cooperation between companies, education and the public sector.

Digitalization and the various innovative solutions and tools offered by it are part of our lives, whether we notice them or not. However, few of us pause to ponder about how widely-spread the revolution actually is, when we connect our charger to our smartphone or tablet. But even the electricity coming out of the socket has travelled far from the powerlines, and more and more, the journey is a smart one. See how the electric grid is becoming smarter.

Automation, robotics, and the industries surrounding them are in great demand nationally and internationally. The lack of skilled workers and experts is however becoming a great problem. To combat this, three universities of applied sciences have banded together, hailing from Vaasa, Turku, and Tampere. Behold the power of the triforce of robotics.

Regional Council of Ostrobothnia: