Satakunta Region

Satakunta is one of the most industrialized regions in Finland. Automation and robotics are the fastest growing sectors. It’s an export, food and energy region.

  • Robots have been part of our lives in one form or another for decades, even if they have not been visible to many of us in our daily lives. Science-fiction brought the robots into our collective consciousness in the 1950’s and 60’s through books, movies, and TV-shows. In them, they were portrayed and represented as either frightening, emotionless enemies of humankind or as humanoid servants. But what are the robots of today like, and will they be doing all of our work for us in the future? Find out the answers to the questions here.
  • In the nautical port city of Pori, there has been a long-held belief that cooperation holds the key to the success of the city and the Satakunta region. With roots going back to 1983, the University Consortium of Pori is a mighty testament that through smart and efficient utilization of the different fortes of various actors, even the smaller ones can have the world as their oyster. Step into the fascinating world of co-operational education.