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On this site, the West Finland province – Central Finland, Ostrobothnia, Southern Ostrobothnia, Tampere region, and Satakunta – will present to you, the reader, tales of success stemming from EU-funded projects.

The results have come into existence through funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) which has been distributed by the regional councils. The project leaders themselves have invested a significant amount of money, and further funding has been acquired from, for example, regional businesses and municipalities.

During the ongoing EU programming period (2014-2020) the ERDF-funded projects in the West Finland region have focused especially on the issues arising from digitalization. Under this common theme the regions have each maintained their unique outlook and have concentrated on their own strengths. Central Finland has its aims set squarely on the advancement of cybersecurity. Southern Ostrobothnia showcases the new innovative solutions in the field of food systems, and digital manufacturing in new environments. Tampere region’s projects are breaking new ground with 3D. Ostrobothnia centers on intelligent electrical grids and, like Satakunta, on automation and robotics.

The program period rolls on and there is a plethora of impressive ERDF-projects in the works. The different regions will use this site to spread the good word about them later on.

What connects our region and the historical Wild West is first and foremost the daring desire to walk towards the new, and to map out the opportunities offered by the unknown – thus, The Wilder West

We bid you to enjoy our site!

General information on the regional development funds:

Regional Councils of West Finland

The regional councils grant the projects operated within their areas funds from the European Regional Development Funds. The co-ordinating official in West Finland is the Council of Tampere Region

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About the publication

Name of the publication: The Wilder West – Tales of Success from West Finland

Publisher: Innovative Regions -project, Council of Tampere Region

ISBN 978-951-590-340-2

Year of publication: 2017

With participation from:
Regional Council of Central Finland
Regional Council of Ostrobothnia
Regional Council of Satakunta
Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia
Council of Tampere Region

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