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On this page you can find additional information on regional development funds, and the regional councils of West Finland.

General information on the regional development funds:

Regional Councils of West Finland

The regional councils grant the projects operated within their areas funds from the European Regional Development Funds. The co-ordinating official in West Finland is the Council of Tampere Region

Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Regional Council of Central Finland: Facebook, TwitterYouTube, Instagram



Council of Tampere Region: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram


Regional Council of Ostrobothnia: Facebook, Twitter


Regional Council of SatakuntaFacebook, YouTube


About the publication

Name of the publication: The Wilder West – Tales of Success from West Finland

Publisher: Innovative Regions -project, Council of Tampere Region

ISBN 978-951-590-340-2

Year of publication: 2017

Associate editor/Reporter: Ilmo Ilkka

Editorial staff:
Kari Hietala
Elina Hykkönen
Kirsti Kivilinna
Hilkka Laine
Johanna Leppänen
Outi Mäki
Tuija Rajala
Heli Rintala
Jyrki Tomberg

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Regional Council of Central Finland
Regional Council of Ostrobothnia
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Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia
Council of Tampere Region

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