Tampere Region

  • In order to create new and groundbreaking innovations, the researchers have to focus on their projects for a long time. The research and students at the BioMediTech institute in Tampere are working on projects whose concrete benefits might not manifest themselves until their children’s or grandchildren’s time. Still, working at the BMT institute and the research carried out there is attractive, and students flock to the institute for theirs studies. Get an insight into the world-class research carried out at BMT.
  • In the Tampere region, there exists a firm belief in the new methods offered by 3D-printing, and the region has been determined in being in the forefront in utilizing the new technology and its applications. The projects 3D Boost and 3D Invest make up a formidable pair, which help create top-notch expertise to the region, and through which new scientific areas can be explored. Take a tour to the fascinating world of 3D-printing

Council of Tampere Region: