Central Finland

  • In the past, the hunt was on for natural resources and raw materials. This hunt turned at times very ugly, but now there is a new game to be hunted: raw data. Almost the whole world is wired and private citizens are conducting their affairs, from birth to death, through the networked world. Corporations and governments place their trust increasingly on the safety and reliability of the globally crisscrossing networks. But, as they say, knowledge is power and power allures those who would gain it by any means necessary, even in this new age. Read about how secure networks are made and maintained.
  • One of the most potent defining characteristics of Finland and the Finnish people is the forest whose trees have been shaping the economy and industry of the nation for centuries. Modern industry and researchers have not merely been basking in the glory of bygone days and past achievements, but are always looking for innovative ways to utilize the raw material provided by the trees. One of these ways is a process called foam forming whose technological capitol is in Jyväskylä where researchers are coming up with new ways on how to use the decades old technique. Learn more about the technique.

Regional Council of Central Finland: